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Parents and Guardian Particapation

For the institute it is very important the participation of the parents in all the special events which are as follows:



Communication with our parents is fundamental. Therefore, the teacher will contact them regularly to discuss the student’s progress. Parents may also schedule a conference at the office to meet with the teacher in private if they wish. Cases of special attention, will be discussed outside of regular hours by telephone, or an appointment with the teacher or director will be scheduled. If you call during the day, please keep in mind that the teacher or principal may not be available, please leave a message and they will contact you as soon as possible.
Teachers will send home a daily student report, please check daily. There you will be notified, activities such as feeding, diaper changes, naps, material that needs to be given to the classroom, goals of the week, behavior or other relevant comments.

It is important for the institute that a notice is given to the person who receives your child on arrival at the school if at home he has suffered an accident, illness, bruises, mosquito bites, etc., so that his teacher is notified and know in any case how to support at school. In the same way, it is worth mentioning that when the students enter the institute they will be checked in case they come to present any of these aspects and thus document it in the child’s file.

Parent Conferences

A scheduled conference is offered to parents a mínimum of two times per year. First, meeting will be to meet the teacher and discuss child’s current educational level. Second meeting will discuss the child’s improvements from the first meeting to most current. We encorage parents to attend to follow up with their child’s educational improvements.

Special Days

Birthdays are a special events in your child’s life. Parents and children enjoy sharing this exciting day with their friends. MommyLand allows the parents to have a small party inside the classroom where they will be allowed to bring healthy snacks and snacks. It is important to schedule the date of such celebration with MommyLand Director, so that we can prepare the classroom and make the routine change for this special day.

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